Hangover +1

It’s the price we pay for a lovely night of debauchery, lust, and the letting go of the societal moors keeping us safely snug in our daily pursuits of money, ménage and monotony.  The swollen aching brain, the stiff joints, the nausea, and the regrets are just some of the symptoms of the previous night’s merry dehydration and subsequent extraction of all those precious vitamins and minerals.  But we take that bill as receipt of some much needed and oft times blurry fun and gladly pay the toll.  Pills, vitamins, herbal remedies, green drinks, etc. etc. etc. are oft employed as mitigation against this terrible affliction and unless one has gone down to the bottoms of the boozy depths, they should be feeling quite well after a quiet night of rest.  However, it has been my experience that this is not the end of matters and there is indeed a further price to be paid the next day –that being of thought.

Specifically what I am typing about is the creative impulse…or urge…or whatever you want to call it that gives us the ability to invent new ideas, draw intriguing conclusions, synthesize competing ideas into new form à la Hegelian dialectic, and all the other sorts of thoughts we are able to draw upon utilizing this mental process.  Personally, I feel my creative urges being replaced by a dull empty nothingness like a crystal calm ocean devoid of traffic and motion.  In this state it is near impossible to muster any sort of relevant or interesting information to transmit outward into the world leaving me as nothing more than an apathetic receiver barely able to digest much beyond the rudimentary bustling of the tribe.  The world en masse feels dull and unadventurous; nothing more than a tiresome ingemination of similar circumstances meandering its way down the temporal river of life until the point of departure is finally reached…how useless.  All alone in a mental ocean of nothingness; I would say that minus the incessant craving for brains this is how a zombie would perceive the world, except that brains is exactly what I crave…though brain power would probably be more accurate.


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