The void, blank, lifeless stares of thousands of beaten, defeated, shot-through eyeballs look through me as if transfixed on an entry way of pure light they will never reach.  I meander recklessly through the swollen mass of fleshy automation trying desperately to maintain focus.  The task is simple, the distance is near, yet this ocean of skin could swallow me whole at any moment.  Sweat pours from every pore as I desperately grasp this oh-so not important parcel as if it were made of liquid lust.  My heart thumps harder and harder as I see shallows before me and the rocky high-rise shore beyond that.  Exchanging grunts only discernable to those of us relegated to the rotting underbelly of that great hulking, insomniatic beast, I make for the next arterial carriage to ascend one of the countless metallic giants lording over this capital landscape.  Reaching the jugular, I de-car and upon reaching the prearranged destination, make the expected exchange of goods and services.  Head hanging low with the taste of greedy despair on my tongue, I reverse course and repeat.


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