The Critique of Pure Reason – Transcendental Logic – On the Deduction of the Pure Concepts of the Understanding Pt.2

Okay for the B deduction I am simply gonna post my notebook notes rather than transcribe them/clean them up in typed format.  I will do that at some point, but I have become über busy preparing for this last semester and trying to find new opportunities of employment.  Enjoy a look into the madness that is my handwriting.

P.S. They go in order from left to right and down the page.  You’ll probably have to click on them to enlarge them enough to read.

B Deduction 1-15 B Deduction 2-15 B Deduction 3-15 B Deduction 4-15 B Deduction 5-15 B Deduction 6-15 B Deduction 7-15 B Deduction 8-15 B Deduction 9-15 B Deduction 10-15 B Deduction 11-15 B Deduction 12-15 B Deduction 13-15 B Deduction 14-15 B Deduction 15-15  B Deduction 16

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  1. spinoza1111 said:

    Thanks! Good luck!

    • Bill Liktor said:

      Thanks! Hope the world is treating you well. Or at least as well as it can.

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