Getting Out While the Getting is Good


The fourth of July was a day full of poolside drinking, eating deliciously horrible foods, and watching colorful explosions in the air.  For me it also included getting in a car accident.  We were cruising down the highway (I was riding shotgun) heading back into the beautiful soggy-minded environment that is Rochester NY.  We were aimed at one of the many off-ramps of the “inner-loop” (the small circle of highway that tightly winds itself around downtown) and I was twisted around grabbing something out of my bag in the backseat.  Then, suddenly I hear tires screeching and feel momentum’s great pull forward.  I braced my self as much as I could, but was still subjected to having my face mashed on the dashboard upon impact.  I looked back immediately to watch the car following us smack into the back end of our car, though not with enough force to do anything.

Though little slogans like this will always fail hard

Now as far as personal injury is concerned I made out amazingly well.  I slightly cut lip, a shirt with some dried blood on it, and a wallet lost somewhere in the depths of a currently impounded car.  The owner of the car was unharmed and sober, so her only fault was being caught in the middle of a five car pileup and having to pay for the rear-end of the car she hit.  All-in-all a very clean escape from a potentially bad situation.  And that is why I have decided to change my seat-belt wearing policy.  I have never been a huge proponent of wearing them, though I have never been exclusively against them.  I just always thought of them as an annoyance and a way for courts to cut a few extra bucks out of all of us.  However, after hitting my face off a dashboard of a car going from 40 to 0 in 0.0 seconds, I realize two things: first I have an extraordinarily strong jawbone, and second that I was extraordinarily lucky to not be seriously injured.  Maybe it has to do with getting older, but I am becoming increasingly aware that I am indeed mortal and that I can be hurt by things.  That does not mean that I will shy away from everything in the world, but I do see that being reckless with my body is not cool anymore.  Now someone find me my cane and tells those kids outside to quiet down.


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