I Do Not Understand This Obsession

This is more important to most Americans than policy decisions

When it comes to obsolete British monarchy with German ancestry, I am time and time again amazed by the obsessed behavior displayed by housewives and soccer moms on both sides of the pond.  The obsession with Prince William and Kate Middleton is so over the top and so entrenched in certain circles that it is actually hard to believe.  For instance, according to CTV news there are, amongst other things, odds being placed on what their child’s name will be, press camping out in front of the hospital Mrs. Middleton is planning on staying in, they are receiving gifts (including condoms) from foreign governments, and speculation even abounds that the birth of this child will help the economy.  I suppose I am either preaching to the choir or being a berating asshole depending on your viewpoint, but seriously I want to know, why is it that these people having a child, or getting married, or how much they party, or what he did in the military, or ANYTHING they have ever done, are doing, or will do matter so damn much to people?  I suppose I could ask that question about every celebrity really, but I will just stick to these two for now.  Who cares if a soon to be token king and his high school sweetheart have a child?  The fact I even know they met in high school is more information than I ever want to have about either of them.

Just a small 50,000+ casualty mistake

Seriously, there are important issues and decisions happening EVERY DAY that every American should be concerned with.  How many proponents (or opponents) of DOMA know that the government used some back-handed shit to get that law overturned?  Yay gays can get marriage benefits, but the downside is that the executive has the power to overturn laws without the congress (though this has been a trend that goes back to Jefferson so I suppose it’s nothing new for most Americans to not know).  It seems our collective naivete with regards to all things legislative, executive, and judicial is growing at an exponential rate, and for a long while now there have been those who are not only aware of this, but use it to manipulate situations to their own ends.  Look up the Gulf of Tonkin incident if you don’t believe me.

  1. Given that the electorate elects the congress in the first place, I’m not really sure what the issue is with having it directly overturn (or pass) laws. That sounds like democracy to me. There are many advantages to living in a republic–efficiency being one of them–but I don’t really see an issue with dipping our toes into democracy from time to time.

    As for the Kate Middleton obsession, I don’t get it either. Fortunately for me, neither does anyone else I know. I didn’t even know she was expecting.

    Keep calm and carry on. 😉

    • Bill Liktor said:

      Hi Ashana,
      I’m not talking about congress overturning laws, and actually I mistyped that sentence. What I meant to say is that the executive has the power to overturn laws without congress. The crux of it is that the Obama administration just chose not to defend DOMA in the supreme court. Now regardless of how you feel about the law in the first place, it was a law, signed into the books by President Clinton. What the issue is that as a part of the executive branch, the attorney general has a duty to defend the laws of the US. The worry is that this becomes a huge slippery slope with the president and his attorney general choosing what laws they want to defend, and that seems like a bit to much power for the president to wield.

      Keeping as calm as possible 😀

      • That does make much more sense.

      • Bill Liktor said:

        Sure it does. Congress passes a law, someone sues the government say the law is unconstitutional, the government arbitrarily chooses to not defend the law, the law gets overturned. It’s that arbitrarily part that I find disconcerting. Either way it was a shitty law and it’s good that it’s not around anymore.

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