How Did Donkey From Shrek Get the Dragon Pregnant?

A scientific explanation from back in my IRC chat room days:

21:58 < Explodingpiglets> Well, it is an interesting question.

21:58 < Explodingpiglets> “How did donkey get the dragon from shrek pregnant?”

21:59 < Explodingpiglets> Through scientific reasoning, I have figured out how it worked

21:59 < Explodingpiglets> Now obviously, donkey’s dick was way too small for dragon’s cloaca

21:59 < Explodingpiglets> So Donkey did the only thing he could do:

22:00 < Explodingpiglets> he crawled into dragon’s cloaca

22:00 < Explodingpiglets> and swam through her bodily fluids

22:00 < Explodingpiglets> until he found her ovaries.

22:00 < Explodingpiglets> Then Donkey preceded to perform self-fellacio

22:00 < Explodingpiglets> since he had hooves instead of hands

22:01 < Explodingpiglets> Donkey sucked his own dick until he reached his orgasm

22:01 < Explodingpiglets> then he ejaculated all over Dragon’s ovaries.

22:01 < Explodingpiglets> and that is how Donkey got dragon pregnant

22:02 < Explodingpiglets> I should also mention that Dragons have huge periods

22:02 < Explodingpiglets> So Dragon had to use Donkey as a tampon.

  1. Explodingpiglets said:

    Hi. This is Explodingpiglets, and this is not my account. I don’t know who “Bil Riktor” is, but he is not me. I’m flattered that you like my explanation enough to pretend to be me though. ^}^

    • Bill Liktor said:

      I did not claim it to be mine, I claimed it was from an IRC chat room. Excellent explanation btw

  2. Explodingpiglets said:

    I see. #ed?

  3. Bill Liktor said:

    lol yeah. I went by Dys.

  4. Doug said:

    What in the actual fuck?!?!?!

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