A Piece of the Pie

This is a small excerpt from a draft of a short story I’m currently working on.  There’s nothing overtly offensive about hanging an already dead cop from the top of a church, right?

Stepping out onto the rooftop lugging unexpected baggage over his shoulder was not a position Sam wanted to find himself in.  He needed to get rid of this body quickly and make his way out of this soggy deathtrap before any other unsuspecting lawmen came snooping around.  Undoubtedly this man has an entire team nearby that will be checking his status momentarily, then the church would be experiencing a different sort of flood altogether.  Sam quickly grabbed the rope from the dead officer’s belt and began to harness him up.  Sam’s mind worked ten steps ahead planning out his escape route and trying to foresee any possible problems as he prepared the corpse for his final decent.  After the harness was secured Sam began wrapping the rope around various appendages and around the man’s neck several times.  This should confuse the shit out of them Sam thought as he secured the other end of the rope to a pipe on the rooftop; then with a mighty heave Sam threw the dead man over the side.  His body fell about twenty feet before snapping back under the tension of the rope.  The ligature marks previously made by Sam were now well masked as the body gently swayed back and forth, brushing up against the Church’s exterior wall.

All I’m missing is the serial killer.

Sam then took his knife and with the tip of the blade started turning it in a circular motion on the bit of rope that was tightly hugging the pipe.  See, if someone just cuts through a piece of rope the n even the NYPD lab geeks will be able to tell, but forcing the rope to start fraying on its own would leave no trace of foul play and that would help bring Sam’s plan to fruition.  When the rest of the squad come across their dead comrade the only conclusion they will be able to come to is that for some odd reason he decided to repel down the roof, and in the process became entangled in his own rope and accidentally hung himself before the rope snapped causing him to plummet to the ground; since the body will be lying amongst the flooded out rubble below it will take longer for it to be discovered giving Sam a greater window of escape.  With a no-so-loud *snap* the rope frayed apart and the cop’s body fell to the street below.  Looking down at the torn up corpse lying amongst the broken remnants of city Sam was solemn; sorry it’s gotta be this way buddy, but it’s either you or me at this point.  Then with a pivot of his foot and a forceful push Sam was off in a dash toward the other side of the roof and his freedom.


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