I am Terrible at Titles


The original Inigo Montoya

So in my never-ending quest to find ways of sharing my creative juices with everyone on a full time basis, I’ve been doing some works of creative fiction.  This is a new frontier for me as I went to school to study the metaphysical hocus pocus of philosophy, and as such have only written  long, drawn out technical arguments attacking or defending some piece of minutia within some dead guy’s writings.  That said, I find the experience exhilarating and really fun, except when it comes to trying to title a piece.  I have the hardest time trying to name what I write; everything I come up with just sounds cheesy and bad to my ears when I say them aloud.  Even the title of this blog post is lame, but it does serve to remind me of how easy it was to name philosophy papers.  Oh I have to write a paper on Descartes’ Ontological argument for God’s existence?  Well I’ll just call my paper “Descartes’ Ontological Argument” and be done with it.  How does one come up with creative titles for creative works?   Perhaps it’s divine intervention, but seeing how bad Descartes’ argument is, I’m not so sure.


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