Typical Night in Dreamland Pt. 2

Blackness slowly gives away to the dull, drab colors of a world in chaos.  Time has passed, that much I know, however one can only speculate over the exact date.  Days and months have long since become obsolete in a world where simple survival is a feat unto itself.  I know that it has been years though, and that’s enough to gather understanding about this new world veiled in death.  I’m standing on a patio rooftop up near the main spire of the cathedral.  Time and neglect have taken their toll on the worn down building; various chips and cracks have chiseled their way into the building’s surfaces and some vines and other various greenery have cropped up here and there.  Over in one corner is rather pathetic looking garden with a few woefully small tomato plants trying their hardest to reach the sun.  Apparently in this post-apocalyptic wasteland even the vegetation seems to have lost all hope.

I make my way from the door leading downward to the edge of the patio so as to get a better view of the city.  There is a random scattering of people standing around me biding their time and trying to make some use of themselves in useless times.  Their clothes are worn and tattered with exhausted expressions matching disheveled frames.

Image Walking up to the bent, broken railing I survey the desecrated corpse of a once vibrant metropolis.  Looking out in every direction all I see is chaos.  Once tall, strong skyscrapers are now cracked,crumbling shells of themselves.  Broken pieces of framework lay strewn about everywhere alongside burnt out cars and ripped up asphalt.  And then there are the bones…hundreds, no thousands of bones everywhere.  Union Square looks like it’s covered in snow from all the bones that have been thrown onto it.  For some reason, the undead are using the park as some sort of dumping ground for all the osseous matter stripped clean of flesh.  Dumping ground perhaps…or maybe a shrine to their glory; a shrine to their unrelenting onslaught and ultimate victory over humankind.

Looking over the horror scene before me I catch a glimpse of something below on the street.  Straining my eyesight I observe what looks to be movement centered around one of the burnt out cars.  Straining further it looks as if the car door is trying to be forced open and I think I can see something like an arm doing the forcing.  One of my compatriots walks up beside me rifle in hand.  I take the rifle and train the sight on the movement below.  To my astonishment I see a grey decrepit arm attached to a ragged torn trunk with ribs sticking out of it.  “I wonder how it ended up in there” I mutter aloud as I continue watching this animated corpse push the burnt, rusted-out door open with all its might.  From my vantage point I become almost entranced watching this zombie trying to open that door as if its un-life depended on it.


I can’t believe I was actually able to Google this

I wonder to myself how it managed to get in  there in the first place, how long it has been in there, and what was motivating it to force that door open.  Then with a loud banging noise that can be heard up in our Eagle’s nest the door pops open and falls off its hinges.  Slowly this grotesque being begins to pull itself from the rusted wreckage with one of its legs dangling loosely behind it.  As it gets itself propped up on its remaining good leg I let out a loud shout.  The walking dead-man keeps one hand firm on the automotive husk as it shakes its shredded remains backward using momentum to force its head to look upward.  Its face is distorted almost beyond recognition.  It has only one eyeball and half of its jaw is missing with strings of rotting grey flesh in its place.  As I look eye to eye down the barrel and through the scope I feel a twinge of dread take hold of me as I force myself to come to grips with humanity’s fate and what I must now do.  I slowly breath in, hold it, and squeeze the trigger.  The creature is no more, its head exploding like Gallagher bringing down the hammer on a watermelon.  I hand the rifle off and sit there in momentary silence.


God is a real dick sometimes

The skies are clear, the sun is shining bright, and if you only fix your gaze upwards then it’s actually a pretty nice day.  Then suddenly clouds start forming all across the sky.  At first there are only a few strands of stratus clouds zipping across the sky here and there; then they start materializing at an accelerated rate, crossing paths with the sun and darkening the brilliant daylight.  I begin looking around at my companions sensing that something was amiss as every eyeball on that roof frantically scanned  the horizon.  Then a slight rumbling starts as the sky darkens even more and the wind picks up.  It looks as if a terrible storm is about to erupt and its abrupt beginning puts us all on edge even more so than normal.  Then with an almost explosive hit to my body gale force winds begin assaulting us.  I fall back to one knee and watch with horror as an unnamed girl slips the wrong way, flips over the railing and falls out of sight.  The rest of us quickly make for the door inside as my mind starts frantically racing over what hell brought on this storm and wondering if this situation could actually get any worse.

  1. Hi, I have just found your blog. I love the story and I am curious, did you do any of the illustration? I only ask because I want to do something similar.

  2. Cheers. Thanks for linking my blog too! I will try to add a place for links on my page.

    • Bill Liktor said:


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