Typical Night in Dreamland Pt. 1

The following is the first of a three part recap of a very vivid dream I had a little while back.  Normally I don’t recall most of my dreams but this one really stuck with me.  Probably because it’s insane.  Enjoy.

This little tale opens up with me standing in front of my former place of employment on 11St. near 6th Ave. in Manhattan.  Being on the border of the Village section of the City it is a nice neighborhood abundant with college students and up-and-coming professionals.  I’m standing in front of my work looking up and down the streets noticing the random people walking and driving through the neighborhood decreasing at an accelerated rate.  This sends waves of nervous anxiety through me as I begin moving eastward toward 5th Ave.  The scene shifts (as they tend to do during dreams) and I am now standing in front of a great old building sitting on the south side of Union Square Park.


Something sort of like this

In the realm of consciousness this space is occupied by a Best Buy on the first two levels and a plethora of random offices throughout the upper floors, but in dreamland this space has been replaced with a gigantic almost cathedral style building with one towering spire reaching to the heavens, two shorter replica spires on each side of the main one, a stepped triangular shape, and a gigantic archway surrounded by Roman pillars leading to the entrance.  The whole facade consists of large cold grey blocks and there are about seven or eight steps leading from the entrance to the street.  Standing halfway up the steps I take in the scene around me.  The park is eerily silent as I look around frantically for signs of life.  I start to feel a slight vibration beneath me.  Looking at my feet I don’t notice anything out of sorts even as the vibrations start to grow more intense.  Stepping down onto the streets I start to hear a very low rumbling on either side of me as the vibrations beneath me start growing into a slight shaking.  I stumble backward a couple steps, bending my knees taking a wider stance to steady myself.  The rumbling has grown into sounds I can only describe as pure chaos as dust starts kicking up in the face of gathering wind coming from every direction.  Off in the distance I see what looks like a great dust cloud approaching, and turning around I see the same thing coming from the other direction.  As the dust clouds get closer I start noticing forms within the clouds; at first they are vague, morphing in size and shape within their dust shields, then as they approach the forms begin to clear and become recognizable.  I grin at the initial realization of what’s going on before me.  As the two clouds converge on my location I can see distinctly what they are enshrouding:  Approaching from the west are a raggedy bunch of warriors decked out in various styles of street wear, brandishing every sort of conceivable weapon from knife to rifle.  The other side contains something much darker and viler; they are human in appearance except for the disfigurements.


Zombie mosh pit

Huge chunks of flesh are missing from some; jaws, arms, exposed ribs on others.  For all their differences though, each and every one of them share one common trait, their eyes (those who still have them) are filled with a cold dead hatred.  They are singular in their purpose and that purpose is evil.  At this point a wide grin comes across my face as I raise my arm up in the air and catch a shotgun from someone off scene.  “The zombie apocalypse has begun” I gleefully yell out loud as I shoot a zombie point blank in its wretched half-melted face.

The next moments are a whirlwind of unbridled carnage as living and undead clash in an all out battle for survival.  Men wielding all sorts of weapons in an all out assault on the monstrosities who would consume and turn them.  The mere fact that as some humans fall they are turned to the gospel of flesh means this battle (and ultimately the war it symbolizes) can only have one result.  I battle onward completely engrossed in taking head-shot after head-shot until I point my double barrel at one of the monstrosities heads only to hear *click* when I pull the trigger.  I begin to fall back towards the grand tri-spired cathedral as I begin swinging the 12 gauge baseball bat style clubbing the undead with its thick oak stock.  I slowly back up the steps  as I keep swinging mercilessly; the reality of the situation is starting to set in as I witness the last remnants of humanity fall before the relentless hunger.  My stomach starts to sink as I realize my striking out is in vain, so I prepare myself for one final onslaught.  My back is against the large, arching, wooden cathedral doors and as I hoist up my shotgun which is now splintered, bent, and covered in vile rotting flesh.  Then just as I prepare to strike forth one last time I feel a hand on my shoulder and a hard yanking backwards into darkness.


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