marketing nostalgia

Well, it’s basically because you can’t listen to these tragedies standing up.  It might make you wanna lie down a while and take a nap and perhaps come back for some more.  Why would you do that to yourself?  It’s probably because you can handle the truth unlike all those other herd animals.  You think for yourself, and you enjoy life with a bit of a bittersweet aftertaste.


I’ve been thinking about this statement lately.  I don’t know where exactly it originates or what it was supposed to mean, but it seems to speak to people and their aspirations.  We often collect heroes or more specifically idealized models in pursuing our goals, saying, “I wanna be exactly like that guy.”  Well, you can’t….partly because the technology isn’t there yet, but also because you probably don’t know that individual in his/her complexity.  From a distance we can appreciate some aspect of a person’s character, and it may be better to leave this admiration inside your head just in case in actuality they’re awful people.  Parts of your identity already exists without your heroes.  Leaving your heroes in abstraction makes it easier to extract what you wanna learn from them and perhaps be a hero for someone else.  It also seems that the farther removed your heroes are from you, the farther you fall if they disappoint.  Like if they’re a high profile celebrity, who knows how many blowjobs he/she gave out at that influential cocktail party.  Dirty shame.


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